life is pain

now, you may not be suicidal, but we all have pain. can we really say one person’s pain is worse than another’s? pain is pain, it sucks. you have to figure out how to deal with it. that’s life.

figure out what makes you smile, or at least forget about life’s pains. even if for a temporary moment, & do more of that. enjoy the freeing moment. (so as long as it’s not something that harms others, of course.) it’s the “little things” that count after all, right?

what’s your escape?


now that’s the coffee experience i’m talking about!

this isn’t the “normal” type of post i would write here, as i wanted to focus on my thoughts & possibly create topics of discussion (while drinking coffee, of course). but, it is about an experience that took place over the weekend in a coffee shop, so i wanted to share it here.

on friday, i drove for about two & a half hours, crossed the state border & arrived at my graduate school’s hometown. i headed to the local starbucks, where business was booming. i waited in line for 10 years, then once i finally got my drink, i noticed there was no place to sit. with the exception of one tall table right next to two teenage girls, & some tables outside in the direct sunlight. i opted for the outside seating. however, before i could head out, an older man approached me & asked if it would be easier for me to sit at one of the lower tables. i replied, “yes, but i was just gonna go sit outside..” but he insisted i come share a table with him. so i did.

this guy was so friendly, definitely must be a regular. He either had gotten to know some of the people that came through (other regulars) or he noticed some things about frequent customers. i learned that one guy comes in and sits for long periods of time everyday & will write stories. apparently he has written four novels so far while sitting at starbucks.

anyway, i was working on my coursework, & he was working on something, writing things down. a short time passed before he asked about my bracelet. “i love jack?” he asked. i explained to him that it was a pirates of the caribbean, jack sparrow bracelet. “oh yes! who doesn’t love jack sparrow? he’s funny as hell!” then he said he was really just a johnny depp fan. WHAAAAT. i knew this guy was pretty awesome within five minutes of meeting him.

we continued to work on our respective tasks. then he asked if i had read the harry potter books. after i told him i have (not all of them, but he didn’t need to know that), his face lit up as he told me about the butter beer that starbucks will make. he strongly encouraged me to try it, so i said i would some time.

he answered his phone, & i heard him ask “where you headed? here? or are you going to mars again?” then he explained that he was sitting at starbucks with this young lady. i found out he was talking to his wife when he stated, “yeah, i decided to trade you in for a newer model. i have a new wife now.” his wife joined us shortly after, & she was also (not surprisingly) very nice as well. she used to be an english teacher, so her reaction to my coursework was funny. but she was curious and genuinely interested in what i was learning and what i wanted to potentially do as a career someday.

anyway, this man was in line getting his wife her drink. only he came back with a “short” butterbeer for me as well! i was shocked. (it was very delicious though omg!) they were getting ready to head out, and wished me luck with my schooling. before they left, he gave me his business card & said if i ever got stuck or needed help to call.

i know i cut out a lot of the details in retelling this story, but i just can’t describe all the awesomeness. the couple was so entertaining (couple of jokesters!), we had good conversation, and obviously they were incredibly nice! it was the perfect coffeeshop experience, if you ask me. I love getting to know interesting people like that a little bit.


i be on my suit and tie shit

it seems to me that people don’t speak to me in their “baby-talk voice” when i’m dressed up in my fancy-pants attire (i.e. black slacks & a nice shirt). how in the world did we decide clothes correlates with initial impressions of mental competence? maybe that’s why i like to dress the way i do sometimes… throw people off.

anywho, does anyone out there understand jt’s song suit & tie? some of the “shit” parts throws me off. don’t get me wrong, i like throwing in curse words here & there too. but at least i try to make reasonable sense.

cheers to mr. & mrs. fancypants.

finding balance

i’ve heard many times people who say something to the effect of “it’s unfortunate that we don’t realize how fragile life is until it’s too late.” & phrases like “live each day like it’s your last.” while i mostly agree with those statements, because i see where they are coming from, it is a good thing that most people don’t live their lives afraid they could die at any minute. i think people do realize how precious life is, but most of us just don’t sit around actively thinking about it constantly, for good reason.

having said that, i think it is important, or at least good, beneficial practice, to appreciate “the little things” in life on a daily basis. when you find yourself happy, content, or in a good mood.. enjoy it. appreciate it. simply recognize & live in that moment.¬†you don’t need to go around annoying everyone with your over-the-top positivity, telling them how grateful you are about everything & bragging about how wonderful your life is. but don’t get in the habit of taking things for granted & never being appreciative, either.


point being: find a good balance. don’t take everything to either extreme. just a little something i’ve been having to remind myself lately & wanted to pass along the thought.

cheers to the little things.